G & G Gifts and Promotions is a New Zealand owned business, specialising in Corporate Gifts and Promotional Products.

Gifts to be remembered by and create a lasting impression

G & G Gifts and Promotions can help your business or association choose a suitable gift, whether it be to advertise or to reward loyalty.

Corporate gifts can be given to clients, staff or business associates as an incentive or thank you for a job well done.

Branded gifts travel. Items from as little as a key ring to as large as an umbrella can be branded with your business name. A good way to increase your exposure.
G & G Gifts and Promotions will help you find that special idea for the right occasion. You may be organising a special occasion where you need a small memento for a family reunion or prizes for a sports event. We can source items to suit.

Gift Baskets or boxes are great as Christmas gifts for your staff.

If your company is planning a Children’s Christmas Party, G & G Gifts and Promotions can organise children’s Christmas Gifts, all wrapped ready for Santa to give.